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John Ross Robertson Child Centre

School Age Programs (Grade 1-6)
​John Ross Robertson Child Centre (JRRCC) now has four school age groups each with its own space and two dedicated teachers in each room. School age child care rooms are located in room 101, 105, the east side of the daycare proper and upstairs on the 2nd floor room 213.​

Before School  (7:30 - 8:45 AM)
Because most children are dropped off in the morning for a relatively short time before school starts, this program is loosely structured to give children who come in early the chance to hang out in a safe environment with their friends. Games, toys and books on our shelves are available to use as are art and craft supplies. If the weather and or ground conditions permit, children are escorted to the playground and safely supervised by our staff until JRR School teachers arriving for yard duty take over supervisory responsibility of all children in the school yard. It is rare that we do not go outdoors so please make that children are dressed appropriately.​

Lunch Hour (11:45 a.m- 12:50 PM)
All children in Grades 1-6 who do not go home at lunchtime eat in the gymnasium.  These children including those enrolled in daycare before and after school, are under the supervision of TDSB staff. They are not in daycare during lunch. However, a limited number of daycare children in Grades 1-6 are eligible to subscribe to our catered lunch program provided by award winning catering company Real Food For Real Kids (RFRK) which is distributed from a food cart located in the daycare room by one of the daycare staff. Once children have picked up their catered lunch they return to the gym to finish eating with their peers. The school also has a separate optional catered lunch program with a different type of menu selection than ours. Children not wishing to avail of either program bring their own lunch from home. See our “Fees” page for further information and Google Real Food for Real Kids for further details. RFRK menus are posted on daycare bulletin boards in our hallways and in our rooms. Menus are seasonal and therefore change every few months. Copies of Menus are provided upon request.​

After School Care (3:35 - 6:00 PM)
Since children have been in classes for six hours prior to arriving at the daycare, we endeavour to provide an alternative and complementary recreational environment to that of the school’s. However we do reinforce values and rules established by the administration and staff of JRR School, while including some additional guidelines of our own.

After dismissal at 3:35 PM, children walk with peers from their classes and sign-in with staff at their designated daycare room. Once children have all been accounted for on our attendance register, they are asked to wash hands and are able to serve themselves a nutritious and tasty snack also supplied by RFRK, our catering company.

After snack children can elect to do homework or catch up on their reading. Staff will help with homework to the best of our abilities. Activity areas are also set-up throughout the rooms based on the children’s interests. These include ever-changing art and craft and science/nature projects, computers, board games dramatic play and much, much more. Time is also allotted for outdoor sports and recreation, or various forms of play and athletic sporting activities in the gymnasium. Weekly program plans are posted in each area on bulletin boards or walls.

School-age children especially those in Grades 4 -6 are given a greater degree of freedom from constant supervision (as compared to younger groups) at the discretion of their teachers and parents. For example, students may wish to attend a school sporting event in the gym because some classmates are on the team or they may themselves be playing. Staff may permit the student to attend the event with the strict understanding that they report back to their daycare teachers immediately after the permitted event. For safety’s sake, children are sent with at least one other friend of the same age or older.

Older Children
We try to create a club-like atmosphere that is safe, educational and above all else, fun. We recognize that kids in Grade 6 may have different interests than their mates in Grade 4. We try to give older children enough space to let them "do their own thing" while encouraging all children to respect and deal fairly, gently and compassionately with each other regardless of age. An example of this is our reading buddy groups, where older children read to younger ones or send older kids downstairs to assist kindergartners or Grade 1 children with some of their own activities. We also create games and events that can be enjoyed by a combination of age groups and allow older children to act as referees for younger ones. It often surprises us to see how much both older and younger children enjoy this type of age-blending experience.

Occasionally, older children (especially those in Grade 6) outgrow their need or desire to be in daycare regardless of how much fun and security they may gain from being there. This is due to the fact that they are on the threshold of a new developmental stage where independence is paramount and because most of their peers in the neighbourhood do not attend daycare. When this occurs, it is best to have parents meet with the director and staff to decide what is best for the older child and his or her family.​