John Ross Robertson Child Centre

130 Glengrove Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario  M4R 1P2  

Main:     416-484-4825  
Cell:       416-670-5583
Fax:       416-484-6092

2nd Floor cell: 647-271-8796

The upstairs school-age room has its own cell phone so that parents,
staff and children may communicate without having to come downstairs each time.

Note: Timely messages are better left on the daycare’s land line at 416-484-4825. 

E-mail: moseboni (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Note there is no guarantee your email message will be read on time.  Email should only be used for inquiries and to convey information that is relevant 24 hours or more ahead of the mailing.

Mosez Kanatkin, ECE
Executive Director

Dedicated to the Future

John Ross Robertson Child Centre