Looking to register your child? Download the form and follow the instructions to complete, and submit it to JRRCC.  Please, do not complete these forms until a space for your child has been confirmed.

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Daycare Parent Handbook Aug 2016.pdf
Download this handbook for a comprehensive outline of our philosophy, curriculum and policies in the daycare program.

Preschool Mini Handbook 2016_17.pdf

Information specifically geared to our

Preschool Program.

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John Ross Robertson Child Centre

Fees have not been increased since 2014 and are subject to increase at the discretion of our Board of Directors. No fee increase is anticipated for the next school year at this time.

Monthly 5 Day Per Week Fees
These are the fees approved by the JRRCC Board of Directors for the present academic year.

All-Day Pre-School (available 7:30 AM-6:00 PM daily + includes lunch & 2 snacks): $1275. Available only on a full 5 day per week basis.

Part Day Pre-School (available 7:30 AM-3:00 PM daily + includes lunch and 1 snack): $980. A limited number of part week spaces available: 4 days:$840  3 days:$630  
2 days:$420

Nursery School (9:15-11:30AM) 5 days: $535  4 days: $475
3 days: $405  2 days: $335

Kindergarten Before and After School: $690. We cannot offer a catered lunch option at the daycare for this age group.

Kindergarten After School Only: $525.

Kindergarten Before School Only
: $185.

School Age Before and After School Fee (Does not include lunch): $427. Please note that once a child attends afternoons, the full fee above is charged.

School Age Before School-Only Care (7:30-8:40 A.M.): $175 (may be combined with catered Lunch for an additional fee)

Lunch and Snacks
Catered lunch and snacks are automatically included for Pre-school and optionally available to School-age children (grades 1-6) for an additional fee. For a variety of reasons we regret that at this time, the child care centre is not able to provide catered lunch for kindergarten children.

Note: The Daycare does not supervise school age children (Gr. 1-6) at lunch. Supervision of school age kids both indoor and out is done by TDSB staff hired for that purpose. JRR School teachers will escort new grade one children to the lunch eating areas for the first few days of school to ensure that they learn the proper and safe arrival routines.

If your school aged child brings a lunch from home, it must be nut and peanut-free and properly insulated to stay fresh.

Catered Lunch Fees for Grades 1-6 (added to regular monthly fees)  = $130 per month

Late Fees

Like most child care centres, JRRCC applies late fees for tardy pickups. Nursery School Pickup after 11:35 A.M. and Child Care pickup after 6:05 P.M. will cost parents $1.00 per minute (cash). A five-minute grace period is built in, however if parents are ten minutes late or more, the grace period will not be factored in. Ten minutes of lateness will cost $10.00, 15 minutes will cost $15 and so on. Parents who are late more than twice in the same month will be charged double the late fee on the third and subsequent occasion. Repeated lateness may result in the loss of childcare service.

Note: All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors in keeping with the Centre's ongoing needs.