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John Ross Robertson Child Centre

​​Monthly Fees
The Board of Directors determines the monthly fees as part of the annual budget approval process. Please note monthly fees are set at a single fixed rate, averaged out between September to June (even though some months such as September, December, March and June may have fewer operating days).

 (Subject to Change)
Nursery School (9:15-11:30AM)
5 Day = $545.00
4 Day = $485.00
3 Day = $413.00
2 Day = $342.00

Children in Nursery School do not attend on School PA Days, Winter Holidays and March Break.

All Day Preschool (7:30 am - 6:00 pm) = $1300.00 Includes lunch & 2 snacks

Part Day Preschool ( 7:30 am - 3 pm) = $1000 Includes lunch and AM snack
4 day - 3 day - 2 day $857, $643, $428
Kindergarten (Before and After School) = $704
Kindergarten (After School Only) = $535
Kindergarten (Before School Only) = $190
School Age (Before and After) = $435
School  Age (Before School Only) = $180 
Optional School Age Catered Lunch = $140

Unfortunately Catered Lunch is not available to children in Kindergarten.

John Ross Robertson Child Centre is operated on a 10 month basis and is closed all of July and August.

We are also closed to all children on Statutory Holidays including Family Day and Easter Monday.

Families are strongly encouraged to submit fees through pre-authorized debit, the forms for which must be completed and submitted at time of registration. (The Director/Supervisor must approve any other payment options.)  Beginning in September, fees will be debited on the first of each month (or shortly thereafter).

There is a $25.00 charge for any NSF cheque or outstanding/rejected payment through pre-authorized debit.

Deposits & Registration
Parents who elect to enroll or re-enroll their child(ren) in the Child Care must submit an enrollment application as well as a deposit payment (and/or signed pre-authorized debit forms).  

The deposit, equal to one month’s fees, must be made to complete registration. This deposit will be applied to the following June of the academic year for which the child has been enrolled.

Parents of children already enrolled in the child care looking to re-enroll their child(ren) to secure place(s) for the upcoming September must notify the Director and provide a new deposit no later than March 1st (subject to availability in any placement offer).

Parents who enroll their child(ren) during the year and after March1st still must provide a deposit of one month’s fees in lieu of “last month/June” fees (to be discussed with the director).

Monthly fees will generally be debited from parents’ accounts on/or shortly after the first of each month, beginning with September 1st.   The deposits, however, will be held and applied as fees for the month of June - the last month of service.

The “last month” is always considered to be June as the centre is closed in July and August.

Once a new academic year has begun, the June fee may not be applied to any other month should notice of withdrawal be given prior to the school year’s end and is therefore in this instance, not refundable.

Parents facing financial difficulties or with more than one child to re-enroll may consult with the Director in confidence to discuss an alternate payment schedule or refund option.

Clients receiving subsidy from the City of Toronto are exempt from making fee deposits.

Reimbursement of Deposit Fees / Notice of Withdrawal Fees are based on enrollment not on attendance. Therefore, no reimbursement of fees will be given for absences including illness, vacations or seasonal closures. We have formulated monthly fees with holiday and other closures taken into consideration. Therefore monthly fees do not vary during shorter working months such as September, December or June.

If written notice of withdrawal for an upcoming year is given to JRRCC on or before May 31, no penalty will apply, and the deposit securing a place for September will be refunded.

Otherwise, JRRCC requires written notice of no less than one month prior to withdrawal.

NOTE:  August is excluded in determining the one month’s notice. Parents who give one month notice of withdrawal in August are still required to pay September 1st fees, subject to discussion with the Director.  The director has discretion to granting full or partial refunds for those withdrawing from the child care, taking into consideration whether or not a vacated childcare spot can be quickly filled without financial loss to the centre.

During the school year, In the case of withdrawal on short notice (less than 1 month) fees remain owing for the subsequent month and JRRCC will retain the “deposit.”  Parents facing financial hardship may discuss alternate refund options in confidence with JRRCC’s director/supervisor.

Note: All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors in keeping with the Centre's ongoing needs.


Looking to register your child? Download the form and follow the instructions to complete, and submit it to JRRCC.  Please, do not complete these forms until a space for your child has been confirmed.

Full Day Preschool Form.pdf

Part Day Preschool Form.pdf

Kindergarten Form.pdf

Nursery Form.pdf

School Age Form.pdf

Other Forms:

Parent Handbook.pdf

Download this handbook for a comprehensive outline of our philosophy, curriculum and policies in the daycare program.

Preschool Mini Handbook.pdf

Information specifically geared to our 

Preschool Program.