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John Ross Robertson Child Centre

We encourage parents and guardians to review the materials available at this site and to make a point of reading or downloading our Calendar and Parent Handbooks which contain a volume of information about the centre as well as significant policies and procedures governing our operation.  Here’s wishing all of our students, parents, guardians and teachers a safe and healthy year filled with adventure, learning, friendship and fun.

It can also be trying for children who are making a transition from kindergarten to grade one.

Welcome one and all to another fantastic year of learning and fun at John Ross Robertson Child Centre!
The first couple of days of school and daycare can be stressful for new parents and children alike. 


John Ross Robertson Child Centre is a school-based non-profit daycare and nursery school in Toronto, Canada offering high-quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs.

Our flexible nursery school and other pre-school programs prepare young children for kindergarten, life-long learning and active participation in the community at large. Our before and after school programs for school age children are engaging, fun and complementary to children’s school experience. Most programs are created with a great deal of positive input from the children themselves guided by a dedicated team of innovative, creative experienced and fun-loving registered early childhood educators.

Message from Executive Director, Mosez Kanatkin, RECE


Please rest assured that our highly experienced staff will be giving all of our children an orientation or review of where they need to be. Child centre staff will ensure that kindergarten children in before and after school daycare are escorted outside or to their respective classrooms.  For the first couple of days of school, staff will make every effort to assist last year’s SK children who have transitioned to grade one, by being present in the school yard until the bell rings, in the morning and in the hallways in the afternoon. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd day of school, most school age children (Grades 1-6) will be able to check in to their respective child care room without assistance from staff.